Siirry sisältöön
Day Offline
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Jump in, let go of electronics and welcome the real lake life & nature.

Anything can happen in the wild nature of Finland. It can rain - Let it rain, feel the rain drops. Are they warm? Are they cold? Is it sunny?  How the breeze feels in your skin? What do you hear around you? Birds? Laughter of your buddies? Ask yourself: How am I? How am I feeling all the nature around?

Trip includes:

Fishing experiece

Learn how to boil coffee at campfire

Visit in the forest wilderness


Boat and gasoline

Coffee by campfire


Most important:



More information of the trip 

2 hours Fishing experience at Lohjanjärvi (Lohja Lake)

Lunch and toilet opportunity at beautiful Villa Lake Café/Harbour Café Aurlahti. 

1-1,5 hours trekking in forest wilderness

1 hour Guides teaches Finnish tradition how to boil coffee at campfire

(Boat trip back to harbour, if public transportation. If ordered transportation, they will pick you up)


Take the "Lohja bus" from Helsinki, an hour away from beautiful lake town Lohja. From the Lohja bus station walk the street down (about 650m, 6 minutes) to harbour and meet our Fishing guides at the boat.

Our Sun Tracker Fishing Barge boat is for 8-10 people (plus guides). Possibity for several 4-10 person boats and Fishing Guides for bigger groups.


Lohja Lake is the biggest lake in Uusimaa region in southern Finland. 

The nature in Lohja Lake is unique and well known from its fish, birds and forest grove. In this trip you make a promise to stay Offline. Just enjoy everything around you and get caught by the moment. We fish for two hours and then we visit a beautifull Villa by the lake where you have the chance to enjoy the delicious menu of Finnish specials. After our bodies have gotten its fuel it is time to feed our souls in the forest wilderness. We will make a 1-1,5 hour trekking to near by Island. So remember to choose good shoes in the morning. Finnish people call the forest their church and for a good reason. It´s a place where you can be at peace and quite. You will get empowered. The forest has big healing powers. Even 10 minutes in the forest will calm your mind, lowers your blood pressure and stress hormones. After one hour alertness will increase. 


After our experience at the forest we go to learn a traditional Finnish way to boil coffee at the campfire. This is a hundreds of years old way to make coffee here in the North. Finnish people love their coffee and it´s luxury to get it by the campfire in the busy wold as it is. Our trip together is now coming to end. What a day we had. There will be things that the nature will make for us: rain, sun shine, fish/no fish, wind, warm, birds singing, fox in the forest.. It is always a suprise. Nature and wilderness works that way. And that´s the way we love it.

Let´s make an adventure.